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An Entertainer with over 50 years of experience in showbiz, this actor, puppeteer, voice over talent, and host has truly mastered the art of entertainment. Starting from a young age of 7, Glenn showcased his talents as a guest ventriloquist on the popular BCTV show called "Pete's Place". Since then, he have appeared in numerous television shows and films, as an Actor and Puppeteer.
This seasoned entertainer loves exploring  puppeteering and his voice skills, always pushing the boundaries of their craft. With his vast experience and undeniable talent, Glenn continues to captivate audiences. 

Presently Glenn has a reoccurring role as a Puppeteer on the FOX  show, " ANIMAL CONTROL", season's 1,2, and 3.

Glenn is also starring on  a new exciting, never seen before, Travel Series in production 2024, a working title of "Ozlo the Traveling Troll".   Stay Tuned!!

Recent Work

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"Look up" Doug Cook

Glenn stars as The Puppeteer in "Look Up". 

"Look Up" is a micro-short created during the intense, fast-paced sessions of the 2023 DGC's Virtual Production Workshop held in Vancouver. Facilitated by a collaboration with Virtual Production House (Vancouver), W.F. Whites, and ACTRA. Amongst a sea of visionaries, eight Canadian directors were selected for this matchless chance to breathe life into their stories, transforming them into virtual production shorts. In a heart-thumping two-hour time span on set, each director encapsulated their unique tales.

 Their relentless pursuit of virtual validation is abruptly disrupted by the entrance of a wise puppeteer. His riveting performance brilliantly paints a powerful metaphor, illuminating the essence of life juxtaposed against the pervasive influence of technology.

"Summer of 69" Bryan Adams

"Summer of 69" Bryan Adams


Glenn awarded the role of a courageous policeman in the thrilling scene where he chased down a group of musicians who were trespassing in a warehouse. The intense sequence was filmed near the train tracks in Vancouver, B.C., close to the Clarke & 1st Ave overpass. (To spot the location, simply look towards the north where the old red building stands tall and captivating).

"Summer of '69" is a song recorded by the Canadian singer Bryan Adams from his fourth album, Reckless. It is an up-tempo rock song about a dilemma between settling down or trying to become a rock star. The track was written by Adams and his longtime songwriting collaborator Jim Vallance. "Summer of '69" was produced by Adams and Bob Clearmountain. "Summer of '69" was released in June 1985 under A&M Records as the fourth single from Reckless.






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 Recent work experience:

 STAR/HOST     -  Ozlo the Traveling Troll / G. Vetter  PUPPETEER    - Look Up / Doug Cook                    TOM                    -  Arrow  /  Leslie Belsey      ENGINEER - The Christmas Train / Dir. Ron Oliver  DAD                    - Walmart / Robert Stromberg

Other recent appearances :

TOMORROWLAND -DISNEY                  SUPERNATURAL - SN15Films                                            GABBY DURAN AND THE UNSITTABLES - DISNEY TWIGHLIGHT ZONE - GRAVITY                                       DC LEGENDS OF TOMORROW -  WAVERIDER



Voice Over Talent

A Voice over talent with a wide variety of character voices can bring immense depth and versatility to any project. Whether it's for commercials, animations, video games, or audiobooks, Glenn's skill has the ability to transform his voices into captivating characters that truly come to life.
 Accents play a significant role in adding authenticity and diversity to character voices. From British accents to Southern drawls, Australian twangs to New York City slang, the possibilities are endless. 
 When it comes to announcing, voice over talent shines in delivering powerful and engaging messages. 

Media platforms greatly benefit from the expertise of voice over talent. From radio and television commercials to podcasts and online videos, a captivating voice can make all the difference in attracting and retaining audiences. 

Give Glenn the the opportunity to audition for your next project. 



When I was 7 and 8 years old I appeared as a regular CUB SCOUT VENTRILOQUIST KID with a puppet named Terry on the BCTV Children’s Saturday morning show, “Pete’s PLace” starring ventriloquist Peter Ralston.

A Puppet is described as an object, often resembling a human, animal or mythical figure that’s is animated or manipulated by a person called a PUPPETEER. Besides the Ventriloquist figures I do, I also do: Hand-puppets with rods, which is the form for the Muppets movement. Rod puppets are puppets controlled by Rods attached to the head, limbs and other body parts. These metal rods allow the puppeteer to move in many positions. I also do Marionettes or string puppets, where strings are attached and the puppeteering is often done from above.  Animatronics is done where certain movements are controlled by remote control so the puppeteer can be out of the shot. Also it can give some movement that can’t be attained with rods, hands or strings, often its facial movement. Carnival puppets are known as body puppets. This can take a team of puppeteers to manipulate a rather large or complex character. A Performer is in a Costume-Puppet and will do some of the body movements but is restricted in the costume.  I do all these types of Puppeteering and have for many years.


All through School I was always interested in participating in the Performances; Acting or announcing, hosting school events. I would also do my ventriloquism for Talent shows.

 Character Voices are also my specialty because of my ventriloquism experience. Continually finding different voices for different puppet characters. 

 I continued my studies in post secondary schools and workshops. Completed the Capilano College Film and TV production studies program. I became a Teen Disc Jockey at the Teen Discotheques thru my teens.

Studied for years under Peter Breck, at the Breck Academy of Dramatic Arts, in Vancouver, BC.

ELITE Voice-Over workshops with Bob Bergen, LA 

Josanne Lovick and Deb Munroe in Vancouver, BC.

I was also a Director, Spokesperson  and Instructor for a  Vancouver inner city youth performing arts program called AILANTHUS PERFORMING ARTS CENTER.  Funded by Bob and Lynda Bentall, Cedar Foundation. Helping youth use performing arts to make their lives richer.

See Resume for list of classes and workshops.



Glenn Williams Demo Acting Resume 2024 Being Updated
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Voice-Over Talent

Voice talent is a crucial element in the world of entertainment, particularly when it comes to voice announcers and character voices. Whether it's for TV shows, films, or playful commercials, a skilled voice talent can bring life and personality to any project.

An announcer with a wide range of voices can captivate audiences with their ability to portray both old and young characters. From the wise and authoritative voice of an elderly character to the energetic and vibrant voice of a child, they can effortlessly switch between dialects and age groups.

But it's not just about imitating different ages and accents; voice talent can also create exciting and unique voices that make a lasting impact. They have the power to make a character come alive, adding depth and dimension to the story. Their talent lies in their ability to infuse emotions, quirks, and nuances into their voices, making every character they portray truly memorable.

AI cannot give the personal and emotional natural sounds that come from a Human's voice.  I will not sound robotic and I will be able to follow  a Director's directions and find Feelings a generated AI cannot achieve. 

My versatility allows them to adapt to various genres, from animated films to gripping documentaries.

So, if you're looking for a voice talent who can bring your characters to life, create a playful and fun atmosphere, and provide an exciting and unique experience for your audience, look no further. The world of voice talent is filled with exceptional individuals who possess the skills to make your project stand out.


The voice of the Pillsbury Doughboy during shooting for the 2024 commercial campaign. 


Commercial demo

Are you tired of boring commercials that all sound the same? Well, get ready for a breath of fresh air with our voice-over commercials! Glenn has a talented voice and knows how to make your product shine in the most fun and creative way possible.

They know how to inject just the right amount of excitement and enthusiasm into every word, making your commercial truly stand out.

But it's not just about being entertaining – our voice-over will focus on showcasing the satisfaction your product brings. He can highlight the benefits and features of your product in a way that resonates with your target audience.

So, if you're looking for a voice-over commercial that will grab attention, entertain, and ultimately drive sales, look no further. 

Animation demo

Animation voice work is a fascinating and enjoyable field that allows us to explore unique and fun characters. Just imagine an insect with a thirst for adventure, eager to explore the world around them. Or picture an old man, taking a leisurely stroll and reminiscing about his past. And who can forget the comedic moments when an officer repeatedly demands action from their unit, adding a touch of humor to the story. But perhaps the most amusing scenario is when an alien arrives on Earth, only to realize their true desire is to return home after sipping on a refreshing Pepsi. The range of voices and personalities in animation is truly remarkable, and it's always a delight to discover a new character brought to life through the magic of animation.

TV & Radio demo

A television announcer is a voice character who plays a crucial role in informing viewers about upcoming events, commercials, film events, and documentaries. Their primary responsibility is to host and provide clear information to the audience.

Often giving the viewer the fist acknowledgment of an exciting show or event about to happen. 

Clarity, excitement and professionalism is how Glenn approaches each and every script.  Taking the time to make sure its polished. 

Puppeteering FUN FOTO'S

Some amazing photographs from my experiences puppeteering on Film and television. 

Puppeteering Demo

Take a brief look at some of the recent Fun Puppeteering moments I have had.

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